Photo Credit: Mike Blake / Reuters

Last week, we received a letter from Ulises, an LGBTI refugee held in prison at Otay Mesa while he seeks asylum.  He relayed a remarkable story:

“Inside there are 140 of us who have organized to share our commissary.  We are from all over the world:  Pakistan, Vietnam, China, Haiti, Cuba, Honduras, Africa.  We do not speak the same language so we communicate in sign language, but even so we can provide moral support to each other.  We do so because we know that we are all brothers in the eyes of God.”

This week, we received a letter from a detained woman named Alegria who asked us to provide more commissary to her friend Diana, who has fled violence in Central America and is now detained at Otay Mesa:

“She is a beautiful person.  Everything you have given her in commissary she has given to others–to the most needy.  I bought a sweatsuit because I was dying of cold inside this place and I gave it to her because she had given all her own funds away to others, buying them food.  She buys paper, stamps, coloring pencils and gives them to all.  She buys ice cream and food and shares it.”

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