Take action to save lives at Otay Mesa!

Otay Mesa Detention Center (OMDC) is reporting the largest COVID-19 outbreak of any ICE facility nationwide. CoreCivic, a for-profit company that holds a lucrative contract to operate OMDC, is keeping detained refugees and migrants in squalid conditions, denying them face masks and medical care, confining them to bunks that make social distancing impossible, and using pepper spray (video; tw–violence)  and solitary confinement to punish those who speak up.  More than thirty people inside are on hunger strike.

Together with the national #FreeThemAll campaign, we are demanding that Governor Gavin Newsom call on Regional ICE Director Greg Archambault to #FreeThemAll now!  It is time for California state and local officials agencies to stand up for the lives at risk, pressure ICE to free the detained, and end cooperation with ICE.