“Well I ran away from my country because I was publishing what was going on in Cameroon and the malpractices of the Cameroon soldiers on social media and because I am a member of an activist group call SCNC. I was arrested and detained for almost 2 weeks under horrible conditions back in 201 but was later released and in 2016 I was serve a warrant of arrest through my mother so I decided to run away from Cameroon that let me here. I have been in detention here in CCA since April 2016. I was given a 50000$ bond which I am unable to pay even through a bond company because I have no family in the united state. The only way I can get out of detention now is to pay the 50000$ bond. Please I am begging you to help me or find benevolent groups like yours who can help me pay the bond company. I have been in detention for 18 months now please I need your help.”

–A, September 23

More information from Amnesty International.

Listen to the leader of the nonviolent SCNC movement here.

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