My name is Jesus M. And I like to tell you I receive your letter. And I like to tell you about me. I come from [Mexico]. I went to school in that is were I learn little English and star[t] working driving a boat taking tourist on tours thats were practice my English and I run from Acapulco because people from the cartel star[t] killing people so I run from them on. I end up in Tijuana and is worst the cartel already kill 2,400 thousand people in Mexico so I’m asylum from them and the police Because police torture me with electric shocks. They put electric cables in my toes this [is] a cruel torture that’s why I don’t want to go back I don’t have an attorney, I don’t have funds to hire one. I don’t have money to call my family.

I’m single but I have mother and brother and sister and sons. I like outdoors like fishing, riding bike, riding a motorcycle. I love to cook, I made real good chuck roast in the oven. I love sports, football, tennis, soccer. I play tennis before and racketball when I arrived to Tijuana I was robbed, my money and clothes the police that’s why I come to the border asking for protection. I don’t have family in here, my family far away. I would like to know if your organization can help me with little bit of funds to put on the phone so I call my family. I been here 9 months and I don’t know nothing about my family and if you would can help me to buy som commissary – I don’t have funds to buy coffee or soups sometimes the food is no good and is sad going to sleep hungry, well that’s story of my life sorry for my writing there is no google in here so I wrote this myself if you can help me get i touch with my family I will appreciate with all my heart. Thank you very much for you kindness and understanding, I hope I hear from you soon.


[p.s.] I’m afraid I will get deported to Tijuana and in Tijuana there are kidnapping people for ransom like me. I don’t have families in U.S. probably they will kill me if I can’t have a little of money I will pay for a ticket to go somewhere else like [por BC?] or Ensenada. I don’t want to stay at the border please help me to go out of Tijuana I don’t want to be kill out [cut into] of pieces or put on acid, that’s a cruel torture.