This week, the New York Times covered the Honduran caravans fleeing their home country–which is effectively in a low-level civil war–to seek asylum here. . . . only to be imprisoned as criminals in Otay Mesa rather than taken in as refugees.

Read this letter we received this week from Fernando from Honduras, 23 years old and “alone in this life” after losing his mother and grandmother and being shot, assaulted, and raped because of his military service:

Hello, good day, with a lot of respect I direct to you by this means a request for help, well if you can.

My name is Fernando ____. I am 23 years old. I’m from Honduras and I’m here asking for asylum because I have problems in my country. I was shot on 2 occasions: once was in 2014 the second time in 2017. I was beaten about 5 or 6 times, and this year I was beaten and sexually abused, and I really did not like any of those bad experiences that I had, that’s why I left my country.

All those problems that I had in the past were because I gave my services to the military forces of my country. I gave my services in the year 2014 until 2017.

Well I’m asking you for a little help since I do not have family here in the United States or in Honduras so that I can get support, since I grew up alone with my grandmother. She raised me since I was a year old because my father killed my mother. Given the fact that my maternal grandmother took care of me I never met my dad or his relatives.

And I was left alone since my grandmother passed away in 2016 and from that date I have been alone in this life.

Sorry for bothering you and taking a little bit of your time but I would really like to be helped.

Thank you very much.

Happy Day Blessings.

Can you write to Fernando, or help support someone like him with a modest commissary contribution so that they can phone family or supplement the terrible, insufficient food inside while awaiting trial and likely deportation?

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  • Claudia says:

    Hola me llamo Claudia y me gustaría ayudarte yo vivo en Michigan y se lo que es estar en un pais lejos de tu familia y querer ayudarla y no poder, no se como contactarte por favor contéstame y dime que puedo hacer me gustaría ayudarte con algo de dinero, donde lo puedo mandar?

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