Hello good day with a lot of respect I direct to you By this means requesting help, well if you can.

My name is F., ____ I am 23 years old
I’m from Honduras and I’m here asking for asylum because
I have problems in my country, I was shot on 2 occasions
once was in 2014 the second time in 2017 I was beaten
about 5 or 6 times and this year I was beaten and
sexually abused and I really did not like any of those
bad experiences that I had, that’s why I left my country.

All those problems that I had in the past were because I gave my
services to the Military (Military) forces of my country I gave
my services in the year 2014 until 2017.

Well I’m asking you for a little help since I do not have
family here in the United States or in Honduras so that I can get
support, since I grew up alone with my grandmother. She raised me since
I was a year old because my father killed my
mother, well given the fact that my grandmother mom of my
mom took care of me I never met my dad or his relatives.

And I was left alone since my grandmother passed away in 2016 and
from that date I have been alone in this life.

Sorry for bothering you and taking a little bit of your time but
I would really like to be helped.

Thank you very much Happy Day Blessings.

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  • Monique Doryland says:

    Dear Fernando:

    Welcome to this country; I know in your current situation, it does not seem as though any one from the United States is trying to welcome you, but please know that many of us want to welcome you here, and we very much wish you were able to be released pending the determination of your claim for asylum. What happened to you back home was terrible and you did not deserve to be abused in that fashion. That is tragic. I hope someday you are free and you are able to access some kind of emotional support, such as therapy, to help you begin to heal from the trauma you suffered. And, I am so very sorry that you lost your grandmother. That is such a painful and difficult reality for you; no person will be able to take her place. To have no family is very very hard. And this is such a heartbreaking time for you; you escaped the risk of death at home, only to find yourself in what can only feel like prison, even though you have committed no crime. Again, please know that millions of people in this country are sympathetic to your situation as an asylum-seeker, and that we do not agree with our government’s attitude towards migrants and refugees. Where I live, there are many people from Honduras and from El Salvador and from Guatemala, along with many people from Mexico. I personally know people who have come from Honduras to build a new life here in the United States, and so I know what excellent neighbors and members of the community they are. So it is easy for me to imagine you as a neighbor or a friend, as someone living and working in the United States. I hope my imagination someday becomes reality for you.

  • Tim Murray says:

    Dear Fernando,
    The trouble that you have faced and are facing now makes you very brave! I am particularly sorry to hear that you are being detained. It is very bad for young people especially. Luckily there are many people in this country that are working to make the situation better for you and others that are in the same situation.
    Please keep hope!
    My best to you!

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