Dear Becca,

I am writing you this letter regarding my situation in detention, it is so hard to live a life in detention without any support and family. I am a single man and do not have any children. I flee from my country to save my life and right now I am detain in OTMD for almost more than one and a half year, it is far away from your imagination the life I used to live and the present situation. I cry at night when other sleeps and I miss my parents so much because I grown up as a good and favorite kids of my family.

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  • Sandra Medina says:

    Hi I was born in the United States I’m US Citizen and my live in boyfriend of 5yrs got deported 11 months ago he’s never gotten a ticket or ever in trouble he been employeed for 29 yrs at one job and 11 at his other job he’s tough me so much and we today are still together I’m sadden because of what’s happened and still recovering with apartment and cars and so on and so forth I feel helpless because I don’t have the money time or strength to continue this fight. Any word of encouragement or anything you can help me with

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