Untitled (Am I an Immigrant)

by Daniel B., translated by Joel Fisaha

Am I an immigrant or someone seeking justice
Am I an immigrant or a criminal
I’m confused please let me know judge
I asked for refuge as a refugee
But was met with prison like a criminal

What is the point of this
I can’t find the room to all of it
I am a refugee seeking justice
I have plenty of Fear

What pushed me to leave my home country
I have many many reasons
But now I don’t want to mourn , and I don’t want to get too stressed
I think I’ve already had enough abuse to bear from the past

I sometimes think about my circumstances again and again
And I really don’t have anyone sticking up for my rights
My words are my witness , explaining my feelings
All I desire is for to be granted a refuge
So I can have a peace of happiness in my life

So I can find my path and sort out my life
And so I can light a candle to light my life

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