My Nation

by Marlon R. S.

My nation has no color, my nation has no border
My nation has people with a deportation order
Living in CCA is the same as living in pain
They don’t want us they claim
But either way we all the same
My nation has fear
My nation feels safe here
Even tho deportation is near
I hope that God can hear
How everynite my people cry
But my people are yours oh God do as you like
My nation has patience
But no immigration
My nation is not my nation but ours
Together with love we have the power
Getting deported is not sweet is sour
With tears in my eyes I feel like a coward
For leaving my family behind
I wish I was born in your land
My nation is black white and brown
My nation is not from around
My nation is here my nation is far
My nation is not a place my nation lives in my heart
Why my nation suffers I don’t understand
God all powerful lend my people a hand

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