• Our ongoing volunteer letter writers commit to sending a letter each week if possible. Review the Letter Writing Guidelines for help getting started.
  • After you’ve signed up , you will receive an email with your assignment, and when known, their preferred language. Don’t worry, it might take a few days to get your assignment. Note: All mail that is sent to detainees must be addressed with the individual’s full name and “Alien Number” or “A-Number,” an essential element of their legal case; we want to make sure this number does not circulate and individual privacy is protected, so we only provide you with a first name and last initial(s).
  • You will also be given a link and and registration code to access the letter submission web app. Use this app to submit your weekly letters.
  • Each Monday, we print, address, and mail each letter.
  • On Fridays, you will receive an email with highlights of the week and a link to view any replies we receive.
  • If a detainee is released, deported or transferred, you will receive a new assignment.
  • We encourage you to read these letters and share what you are learning (without disclosing private details) to your friends and family.


Step 1

Complete our brief training.

Complete the training

Step 2

Register As A Letter Writer.

Fill out the form

Step 3

Sign-Up to Donate Monthly*

*Donations are pooled to provide each of our detained friends with phone and commissary funds on a regular basis and to cover the cost of mailing supplies and postage. We encourage, but don’t require, our weekly volunteers to contribute monthly whatever their budget allows.